Ray Donovant Home Repair - Be carefull of this guy

Richmond, Virginia 1 comment

Donovant's Home Improvement, Ray Donovant owner, Fieldale, VA.Gave us an estimate to replace our old deck.

After demolishing the deck and framing in the new one, he came to us needing more money. Said the estimate was wrong and would cost about $1000 more than he figured. Since materials estimates are free from Lowes where the materials were to be purchased, this shouldn't have been a problem all of a sudden. It's an old scam and we saw through it right away and sent him packing.

This guy is as dishonest as they come.Be leary before contracting any work from him.

Review about: Old Deck Replacemant Estimate.



Paid him to replace a shingled roof done a terrible job,layed shingles wrong and refused to fix them bought wrong skylines was to replace bad wood but instead he rotated shingles to make it even then papered and shingled over bad wood when he had new wood I paid for on his truck and never finished the job....had to take him to court to get my money and damages.....stay away from this guy!!!!!!

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